Rob Winfield II: CEO & Lead Investigator

Jason Maxey: Lead Investigator
Sonia Maxey: Team Photographer

Nicole Winfield: Investigator & Team Nurse

Chad Talley: Lead Investigator
Ricky Williams: EVP Specialist

Bruce Bigham: Investigator

​Megan Talley: Investigator in Training

The Star City Paranormal Investigating Team is a Non-Profit group of professionals with 20+ years of involvement and knowledge of the paranormal, equipment, and photography. SCP Team Members enter a location/place where there have been sightings of the paranormal and/or ghosts have been or are present. Star City Paranormal's, LLC goal is to try and capture evidence on film (video, photos, audio,temperatures) which upon request of the location/sites owner maybe presented a copy of at the end of the overnight investigation and review of the evidence gathered.

In addition to, SCP Team Members will document and take notes, arrange interviews and other evidence to prove/disprove the haunting through the utilization of reliable and creditable resources in the community such as libraries, archives, past owners, employees, and/or eyewitness to or of an experience, knowledge concerning the location, and/or history of the location.

However, throughout the whole core process of the initial investigation ALL Star City Paranormal, LLC Members will be ensuring that they implement 150% professionalism and respect to/for our customers, the preservation of the location/area/site, and/or any other requests of the locations owners/customers pre-investigation scheduled.

S.C.P Team

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