Star City Paranormal, LLC

Pictures-Location(s) Investigated

And Photography Evidence

Star City Paranormal, LLC

Photography Done By:Sonia L. Maxey

Pearisburg Theater

Pearisburg, VA

Old South Pittsburg Hopsital

South Pittsburg, Tennessee

USS North Carolina Battleship (BB-55)

Wilmington, NC 

Major Graham Mansion
Max Meadows, Virginia

Locations and Photos

Old Taylor Hospital

Hawkinsville, Georgia

Valley Dale Slaughter House

Salem, Virginia

West Virginia Penitentiary  photography Evidence

Pennhurst State School And Hospital
Spring City, Pennsylvania

There Are 2 Very Apparent Light Anomalies Down The Hallway Also Known As "Shadow Man Hallway"

West Virginia Penitentiary 

Moundsville, West Virginia

*In the case of all photos taken At Locations, there are multiple/series of them with a 7 second Delay Between Each Photo which there are usually six or more Burst session/taken at a time to validate/debunk any questionable photos /Evidence.

Poor House Road Tunnel

 Lexington, VA

Poor House Road Tunnel Photography Evidence

St Albans Sanatorium photography Evidence

St. Albans Sanatorium 36 Hour Lockdown

 Radford, Virginia.


Locations SCP Have Investigated And

How Many Times:

  • St. Albans: 9 Different Occasions
  • Pearisburg Theater: 10 Different Occasions
  • Poor House Tunnel: 4 Different Occasions
  • Valley Dale Slaughter House: 6 Different Occasions
  • West Virginia Penitentiary:1 Occasion
  • Pennhurst State School and Hospital: 2 Different Occasions
  • Old Taylor Hospital: 2 Different Occasions
  • Major Graham Mansion: 1 Occasion
  • Old South Pittsburg Hospital: 2 Different Occasions
  • U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship: 1 Occasion
  • St. Albans ​Sanatorium 36 Hour Lockdown: 1 Occasion

Window Was Missing In Bottom Left Corner

St Albans Sanatorium
Radford, Virginia