Rob Winfield II

CEO​ & Lead Investigator

Rob is all around the main man and the SCP, LLC Crews go to guy when

getting things done or conveyed appropriately to Site/Location Staff.

Rob brings his years of business management and communication skills to the group. Rob is great with the public/client's and is always setting up locations/private home investigations in the community.

Ryan Edmondson


Ryan is one of our current investigators, he works for NS as a machinist, infantryman in the U.S Army,and has been with SCP since 2016.

Chad Talley

Lead Investigator

Coming all the way from the "Sunshine" State of Florida. Chad brings a vast array, years of knowledge and experience with him regarding and relating to the paranormal field. SCP,LLC team is lucky to have Chad as an addition to our family.

Jason Maxey

Lead Investigator

As a Co-Founder of SCP, LLC and one of the biggest skeptics on the group. Maxey is always on the search to explain the unknown.  This has continued to drive him in his pursuit and  search of the paranormal. 

Ricky Williams
EVP Specialist

​I've been interested in the unknown/paranormal since getting to go on my first true investigation with the team and shortly there after became part of the group. My education/degree in Electronics I feel that I  can contribute a lot to the team with my years of knowledge in regards to our equipment used during investigations. 

Nicole Winfield "Cole"
Investigator & Team Nurse

Not only is Nicole a very determined and vital asset to Star City as  investigator/photographer but she is also the teams registered RN (Registered Nurse).

Bruce Bigham

Bruce comes to us from Virginia Beach where he was born & raised.  He has been fascinated by the paranormal since early childhood & this fascination has led him to various haunted locations across Virginia. This fascination has also led him to be a leader/manager for several Halloween haunted house productions for the past 13 years.  His background as an auditor leads him to always question what is happening & get to the bottom of things.

Megan Talley

Investigator in Training

Megan comes to us from Florida where she started her paranormal investigation back in 2012. She brings along with her a vast array of experience and knowledge of the paranormal.

​​Star City Paranormal, LLC

Sonia Maxey
Team Photographer
As Team Manager, Co-Founder, Photographer, Sonia takes her skills from her day time job as a Social Worker and applies them into the paranormal field.