Ryan Edmondson: Cameraman/Investigator


 Derek is a long time member of SCP, LLC. Recently however, he has taken some personal leave yet remains as an important core guy when it comes to being able to sharing some of our teams evidence on our Facebook/Web Site. With multiple years in the field and a vast knowledge base(s) in the paranormal Derek is always ready to go into the dark alone to confront anything paranormal.

       Siera is  one of Star City Paranormals


Coming all the way from the "Sunshine" State of Florida. Chad brings a vast array and years of knowledge/experience with him regarding and relating to the paranormal field. SCP,LLC team is lucky to have Chad as an addition to our family.  

*October 2017 News:*

        Ashley is another vital resource to the Star City Team when enhancing the team's knowledge of  locations and history of locations as well as  she  is the teams graphic designer/INT

**Derek Graham: Investigator-

Temporary Inactive 

        Not only is Nicole a very determined and vital asset to Star City as  investigator/photographer but she is also the  teams registered RN


Jason Maxey:

Lead Investigator

As a Co-Founder of SCP,LLC and one of the biggest skeptics in/on the group. Maxey is always on the search to explain the unknown.  This has continued to drive him in his pursuit and/or  search of the paranormal. 

Digital Camera(s)- Total 4
Olympus Digital Recorder(s)- Total- 12
360 Zoom Digital Recorder- Total- 3

Go Pro(s)- Total- 5
FLIR Thermal Cam TG165 -Total-1
BooBuddy Interactive Bear- Total-1
Laser IR Temp Gun -Total-2
YES / NO Ghost Analyzer EMF Detector Meter-Total-1

OvilusV-Total 1

Mavic Pro Drone 4k Total-1

Night Vision Ghost Tank 1080p Total-1

Steve Huff Portal Total-1

Canon EOS 80D 
DSLR Camera: Total-1
Canon Lenses: Total-10
Mavic Pro Drone 4k: Total-1 
Night Vision Ghost Tank 1080p: Total-1
Steve Huff Portal Box:  Total-1

Rob Winfield II: Manager/CEO:

Carrie Blankenship: Investigator In Training  

Equipment Used By SCP, LLC:

(Picture To Come)

Chad Talley: Investigator

Our Team:

Star City Paranormal, LLC

Bio Coming Soon!! 


Ashley Whitaker: 

Graphic Designer/ I.N.T





      Ryan comes to Star City with the hunger and drive to continue the ongoing search for the paranormal.

Unauthorized use of written material, video, audio or photographs found on this site is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

On behalf of Star City Paranormal,LLC Investigations, we want to welcome you to our website. SCP,LLC was founded in early 2011 and is proud to serve the Virginia area and its surrounding communities/states. Since our founding, we have grown into a professional and trusted team of paranormal researchers as well as upholding our Non-Profit status in/for the community.

We love giving back to our community and "paying it forward" in hopes to help change/better individual's/families lives through our hard work in the paranormal field or non-paranormal.

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Jason Evans:

Lead Investigator

  As a Co-Founder of SCP, LLC Evans bring and/or offers a vast amount of knowledge to the team regarding the paranormal. Evans has been to multiple locations in many different states and continues to strive forward into the dark to see what goes bump in the night.

Siera A. Loveday:  Investigator/Camera & Camcorder Op.

Chief Executive Officer

Rob is all around the main man and the SCP,LLC Crews go to guy when getting things done or conveyed appropriately to Site/Location Staff. Rob brings his years of business management and communication skills to the group. Rob is great with the public/client's and is always setting up locations/private home investigations in the community.


Chance To


I've been interested in the unknown/paranormal since getting to go on my first true investigation with the team and shortly there after became part of the group. My education/degree in Electronics I feel that I  can contribute a lot to the team with my years of knowledge in regards to our equipment used during investigations. 

Sonia Maxey:

Team Manager
As Team Manager, Co-Founder, Photographer,   Sonia takes her skills from her day time job as a Social Worker and applies them into the paranormal field. 

Ricky Williams:

EVP Specialist

Spirit Box SB7- Total 5

Spirit Box SB11- Total 4

K2 Meter(s)- Total 7

Mel Meter(s)- Total 5

Laser Grid(s) Scope (Dots)- Total 5

Laser Grid GS1 (Squares)- Total 2

Motion Sensor Lights- Total 4

EMF Pumps- Total 2

DVR Camcorder with Cords-Total 8

Wireless DVR Camcorder- Total 4

Full Spectrum Camcorder- Total 3

Night Vision Camcorder(s)- Total 4


Researching and Obtaining Creditable Evidence of The Paranormal.

Our Mission:

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​Nicole Winfield "Cole":

Investigator/Team Nurse

Big Thanks From Star City Paranormal, LLC To: