​​Star City Paranormal, LLC

The Star City Paranormal team is comprised of individuals with a wide variety of skill sets that together bring a unique talent to the table, but we are more than just experienced investigators. Among us include business and medical professionals as well as military service members.

Researching and Obtaining Creditable Evidence of The Paranormal.

​Throughout the years we have taken the time to work with most equipment. Because the paranormal field is entirely experimental no one device is guaranteed to give results. Star City Paranormal leads the way forward in this realm by the utilization of all equipment available.

​Our investigations are always followed by our photographer, Sonia Maxey. Her passion for adventure has given the team the opportunity to not only capture moments of connections with spirits, but the locations we visit as well. Thanks to Sonia our photos are never limited to just evidence alone. This allows visitors that desire to see "behind-the-scenes" to get that very exclusive.

Our Mission:

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​Our team specializes in the recognition of the normal and unexplainable versus paranormal. The experience our members have go a long way with being able to determine what constitutes evidence of any type of capture. Star City Paranormal is a team that carefully reviews all footage seeking every vantage point available to debunk all captures for maximum reassurance in results.

Unauthorized use of written material, video, audio or photographs found on this site is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

There are multiple options available to reach out to the team for inquiries. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Email, Phone; do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you. We are here for them.

On behalf of Star City Paranormal, LLC Investigations, we want to welcome you to our website. SCP, LLC was founded in early 2011 and is proud to serve the Virginia area and its surrounding communities. Since our founding, we have grown into a professional and trusted team of paranormal researchers. We also uphold our non profit status.
We love giving back to our community and "paying it forward" in hopes to help change individual and family lives for the better through our hard work in the paranormal field or non-paranormal.

Our team thrives on transparency. We want you to know what we do and where we've done it. All of the team's history of locations investigated is documented.

Star City has plans to launch episodes of locations we investigate and even allow for a live audience viewing. This is expected to be implemented by mid 2018.