So, you may have noticed our website is currently undergoing some renovation. Here's what we are working on:

  • Rearrangements are being made to enhance navigation.
  • Tutorials are being developed to assist visitors in comprehension of:
    • ​What our team does.
    • ​Equipment​​
      • ​​What a device does.
      • ​How a device is used to acquire evidence.
    • Evidence
      • What constitutes something as evidence.
      • ​How one may debunk evidence as anything explainable.
  • ​​​​Installing an interactive chat.


Star City Paranormal, LLC

Unauthorized use of written material, video, audio or photographs found on this site is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Researching and Obtaining Creditable Evidence of The Paranormal.

Our Mission:

On behalf of Star City Paranormal, LLC Investigations, we want to welcome you to our website. SCP, LLC was founded in early 2011 and is proud to serve the Virginia area and its surrounding communities/states. Since our founding, we have grown into a professional and trusted team of paranormal researchers as well as upholding our Non-Profit status in/for the community.

We love giving back to our community and "paying it forward" in hopes to help change/better individual's/families lives through our hard work in the paranormal field or non-paranormal.

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